Friday, August 20, 2004

Love the new Navbar!

Blogger has a new Navbar instead of the adbar and I love it! It's a pity I have moved on to blogging on my own host with Wordpress (Some would say I can always change back but I don't think so... Once you blog on your own you can't stop) otherwise Blogger is certainly the best and easiest Blogging platform for those who don't get into the nitty gritties :) Replace the adbar with a Navbar... that's just sheer delight! but then I have kind of started taking that for granted when it comes to Google.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

I already have a new blog =D

Ok world! Bogged down by the limitations of blogger I was looking for a sloution to host my own blog... Now with the generous efforts of Trash the System I have a shiny new blog powered by WordPress =) With all due respect to blogger which is nice for someone who doesn't want to get into it but I have been responsible for taking apart most gadgets to see how they work (even if I didn't figure it out eventually) since as long as I remember... so I needed to opt for control over my files vs. blog in a box... Just a personal choice... Later.

Saturday, July 24, 2004


Just got back from fixing (cleaned out the head properly and fixed the wires) the Dated VCR that is still with us to watch our baby or rather child video tapes that my parents have stored since quite sometime now... It's always a pleasure to go down memory lane... Somehow I always feel like I am looking into the life of another person who looks like me but isn't me for how could I do all those things (making a face in front of the camera etc.) not that I am not crazy anymore or I have forgotten the child in me... it's just that I feel it's impossible for someone to be that crazy! =) Anyway heres cheers to the best parents in the world for having videos and a 1000 pics of me so that I don't forget the special or sometimes even not so special moments in my life! One of the best being a pic where I am putting the first piece of birthday cake into my mouth (Glutton since birth!) t

Already feeling the limitations of blogger...

Yes I have barely posted about 10 times in total and am already feeling the limitations of blogger... There is this birthday list that I would like to put on my blog but I can't have files on blogspot so there is no way I can use it... Another thing that I would like is a calendar and posts by category which is not possible :- | I mean it has many more features as compared to Live Journal (where I can't even have my own template unless I pay) but things like trackback etc are important (I am using Haloscan for track backs at the moment)

Friday, July 23, 2004

Check out the sidebar!

So I haven't had time to post much but that doesn't mean that I haven't been busy with this blog... The sidebar is growing longer and longer with stuff I have been adding... The latest additions being my Blogger Code and My Geek Code (ya right! what did you think I was a damsel =P) 100% geek and proud to be it! Ending this one on that note coz I still have lots of things to figure out...

Figuring out permanent links...

Now I am using the blogger API to post and I see a new item Link now I am not sure what that is but let me give it a try...


Added Feed link and also subscription box to get notified of updates to my weblog.

Posting inbetween stuff...

OK so I have set up a basic layout links, blogroll, guestmap etc for the wesite.. still searching for a good template and also figuring out a way to post by categories in blogger... Though I don't think it's possible... If someone knows a good place to look fro nice, free blogger templates then please post a comment to this entry with the URL...gtg

My other blog...

Ok till the time I figure out what I am going to settle on as my blog base here's a link to my blog at LiveJournal It has some nice entries already so check it out if you have a few minutes to kill.

Thursday, July 22, 2004


Well after searching up and down left and right and everywhere else I still haven't found either the perfect template or the perfect web host... so i think I am giving up at this moment and sticking to blogger which I prefer to LJ for the biggest reason of being able to edit the template to include basically anything I want... I have set up a blogroll but know absolutely nothing as of trackbacks etc... lets see what I do about it... but all that's 4 tomorrow coz right now I am gonna make myself a glass of cool refreshing iced tea to reward me for my relentless searching =P So cheers in advance!

[Listening to: It's In Your Eyes - Kylie Minogue - Fever Album Sampler (2:44)]

First post using w.bloggar...

I'll make it s&s (short and sweet) its short... looks sweet doesn't it?

Busy with a 1000 things

I am currently fiddling around witha1000 things at the same time including:

  • Searching for a nice template for my blog
  • Figuring out blogrolling
  • Searching for a good web space hosting service
  • Trying to look at nice blogs
  • Install a desktop blogging client called w.bloggar
  • So to sum it up I am crazily busy right now... in fact this post was just to check if shows me in its list of recently updated blogs :p

    The 2 funniest gifs I have ever seen =)

    They are big so will take a while to load but they are worth the wait... I promise =) Penguins   Car and Dog

    Thursday, October 23, 2003

    Splashing color all over...

    i am still fiddling with the color schemes that would look good. Fireworks MX 2004 is great for this and i am having a gala time.

    First things first =)

    First thing i did was change the template i first i am trying to figure out how to change the colors in the template... will do that and please be ready to witness the wierdest whackiest and britghtest colors put together lol...

    Hello World!

    This is very much my first entry here. Don't really know what to say yet but once i get comfortable i guess there will be no stopping me = D Today i came across a lot of blogs and likes done by people and that gave me the idea to put up my very own, so here goes...i hit publish...